About Us

Timmy Fresh Brand was started back in the summer of 2015 by Tim Garcia. Riding bikes growing up was always something we did with friends and family for fun. It was in a way our childhood lifestyle growing up as kids. Riding bikes and having cool clothing was always a daily necessity.



During the summer of July 2015, Tim's father Jack Garcia was omitted to the hospital for over a month battling health issues. The night before Jack's release to finally go home, Tim spent some time talking about a business. A business that would support and offer financial stability, being the oldest in the family to take care of everyone. The promise he made that night was motivation to become an entrepreneur. 

Jack Garcia passed away a few days after being released from the hospital. From that moment the reality of creating Timmy Fresh Brand took on a much bigger meaning.  

Timmy Fresh Brand is about living your hobbies or lifestyle in a positive way. Be passionate about what your doing and be yourself! Don't be afraid to set goals in life, accomplish them and become an Entrepreneur. 

Our trademark logohas great meaning to the business. The backwards "E" is for those Entrepreneur's hustling hard and believing in themselves to not give up. We enjoy what we do, have a passion for riding bikes, and designing fresh clothing for our customers to have fun living "The Fresh Lifestyle".


Stay Fresh!!

    - Timmy Fresh 💯