TFresh billet aluminum bluetooth speaker brackets coming soon!!

By Tim Garcia

TFresh billet aluminum bluetooth speaker brackets coming soon!!


TFB will be discontinuing the current steel made brackets on our website by the end of the month. Our new CNC billet aluminum machined brackets will be added for Pre-Order possibly in the next week or two once cost, packaging is figured out. All pre-orders will have priority to shipping first! 

The clamp sizes will be available in round 7/8", 1", 1 1/4", 1 3/8", and 1 1/2". Square tubing clamps will be offered, possibly in 1" (Handle bar fitment) and 1 1/2" (Bottom of frames) clamp sizes after the release as round clamps are priority first.

The modular style ring clamps will be available for fitment to the following speakers. Powerbass BT-200, JBL Flip 5, JBL Flip 6, JBL Charge 4, JBL Charge 5, and the JBL Xtreme 3. We are still trying to find a way to buy the speakers direct from JBL, its not easy. We will find a way. 

Packaging will be upgraded, installation flyer for dummies will be included, installation tools included, and special edition collector decal to be included with these new brackets. TFresh logo will be engraved on brackets, not shown in photo. 

TFB will also be offering options of anodizing, polished, or chrome finishes.

Timmy Fresh Brand has been offering custom made speaker brackets to the bicycle community for over 8 years now. It was time for them to be updated to keep up with the products we are now offering and using on our current builds. 

Check the website or social media pages daily for updates. Thank-you! 

~ Timmy Fresh


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